Fire Engineering

Engineering is the application of ingenuity and fundamental skills to create a pragmatic design; the word “engineer” is derived from “ingenuity”.

The better the fire engineer, the better the fire strategy, and the better the building.

Fire Ingenuity has been established to craft the best fire strategies, using fire engineering wherever of benefit. This catalyst for design excellence is achieved by a unique combination of high capability, creativity, and credibility.

  • Capability: Knowledge, Understanding, and Ability in fundamental and sophisticated engineering techniques.
  • Creativity: The ingenuity to develop innovative solutions.
  • Credibility: A compelling track-record in fire engineering that enables confident progression of design and approvals.

Fire Engineering is more difficult for us, yet better for the project.

The project profiles demonstrate a track record of successful fire engineering enabling award-winning buildings.

Fire engineering is not black and white; it is many shades of grey.