Fire Ingenuity

Fire Ingenuity is a world-class fire engineering consultancy, reflecting the ideals of our founding partner, Nigel Hiorns.

  • Our mission is to craft the best fire strategy, accounting for the specific project goals, ambitions, and values.
  • Our agility and ability means that we can best develop the design to meet the precise needs of the project.
  • We challenge pre-conceptions and our designs, in order to ensure Continuous Improvement.
  • Our unique combination of high capability, creativity, and credibility ensures that we can innovate and manage an efficient and informed value, risk, and approvals process.
  • We are enjoyable to work with.
  • We do not compromise in our drive for the best fire strategies.
  • We use the best and most talented engineers. We do not use our clients as guinea-pigs to train or occupy inexperienced and/or inadequate staff.

The experience and expertise within our practice includes involvement at the forefront of;

  • Development and application of fundamental fire engineering skills
    • Development of commercial CFD modelling software, and the application of CFD to state-of -the-art projects.
    • Development & application of commercial people movement modelling software.
    • Design, development, and application of risk-based methods in mature risk-driven industries (transport, nuclear, oil & gas, chemical) and in the forefront of applying these methods to fire engineering.
  • Development of fundamental fire engineering guidance
    • BS 9999 Part 1 Means of escape
    • ODPM guidance on the application and assessment of fire safety engineering, and of the application and assessment of computational fluid dynamics.
    • Review and advice on the performance, application, and future role of Firecode; a prequel to the development of the 1996 Firecode suite.
    • Development of sophisticated approaches for means of escape design for disabled persons, with the Centre for Accessible Environments et al.

This fundamental expertise has been complemented by experience on some of the best projects, with the best architects, and best clients; demonstrated by the project profiles.

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.

Theodore Rubin