Notable projects include:

Lakeshore Bristol
Urban Splash
Ferguson Mann

Conversion of the 1974 Cor-ten Grade II listed Imperial Tobacco office into high-quality residential accommodation. Key benefits of the fire strategy included;

  • the design of the atrium to achieve equivalent performance to a courtyard, thereby enabling the apartments to be designed on the basis of an open-deck approach and to be naturally-ventilated into the atrium.
  • use of the perimeter balcony for escape, which gave greater flexibility in the design of apartments.
  • rationalisation of sprinklers; sprinklers were only deployed where of benefit

Wilton Plaza
Jestico & Whiles

A prestigious development for LandSecurities comprising market & affordable housing apartment blocks and two blocks of student accommodation for UCL. The key benefits achieved by the fire strategy included:

  • The design ensured that the required standard of fire safety for legislative compliance (including Section 20 & HMO requirements) was achieved with a single stair to each block; this significantly enhanced the floor-plate efficiency compared with the guidance 2-stair solution.
  • A tailor-made mechanically-assisted design for the firefighting smoke shaft was deployed; the system has the least extract, leanest cross-sectional area, and simplest design compared with commercially-available mechanically-assisted shafts.

Carlisle Lane, Waterloo
Pringle + Richards
Pringle Richards Sharratt

Wood award High Commendation 2005

The development comprised four one-bedroom lofts on two floors, built entirely of prefabricated lightweight structural timber panels, on a very tight urban site next to a railway viaduct at Waterloo. Sustainable
materials from renewable sources (all timber products) were desired, together with a well-insulated and energy-efficient construction. The building was highly prefabricated in order to reduce construction times.

A fire engineered design was undertaken to allow the use of the timber construction and facade, in significantly closer proximity to the site boundaries than would have been possible by following the standard guidance, and therefore enable the desired vision to be successfully achieved.

Leghorn Road

Innovative fire strategy for an apartment block, enabling the required standard of safety to be achieved with a single, open, stair.