Fire Strategy

Every building needs a fire strategy. Each project has different needs and unique challenges.

Our initial role is to work with the client and design team to define and understand the specific project fire safety goals and project ambitions & values:

  • The goals will be a general combination of life safety, property protection, and business continuity goals.
  • The ambitions & values will include the client and architectural vision for the project and its operation.

We then develop options, and agree the best way forward with the team.

We use our ingenuity to develop the best strategy for the project. Fire Engineering is used wherever of benefit. Whilst there is guidance in the British Standards & Approved Documents that gives design solutions deemed to satisfy legislative goals, these solutions usually constrain design and represent poor value. They also do not account for the specific project goals, ambitions, and values. Thus it is usual that a fire-engineered design will achieve the best outcome.

The strategy and its principles needs to be agreed from an early stage with relevant parties, which can include:

  • Building Regulations Authorities
  • Fire Authorities
  • Insurers
  • Organisations such as Museums, Libraries, & Archives (MLA)

A key part of our service is efficient negotiation of these approvals.

Fire Safety management is essential to the success of the fire strategy, and the responsible persons need to demonstrate a satisfactory standard of management.

The fire strategy is to enable the desired design and operation of the building, without undue reliance on fire safety management.

Fire Ingenuity has been established to deliver the best fire strategy and approvals process.

Have a look at the project profiles to appreciate the award-winning elegance & excellence that can be enabled by the best fire strategy design

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